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Garvey welcomes you to
his very own photo gallery!

"Garvey's Story"

Abandoned on the darkened doorstep of a Newark church. Brought home in a cardboard box filled with his siblings. Garvey Kitty entered my life. Much too small to be taken from his mother, Garvey made up for his diminutive nature with an aggression, an anger, no an outright rage against the world.

If it moved, looked like it might move or even threatened to exist - Garvey bit it. Nothing was safe: balls of paper, body parts, assorted writing implements. Favorite targets included: noses, the web between your thumb and palm, toes and most bitable of all...ankles.

Over the years, Garvey has mellowed...if he hadn't, I wouldn't have the fingers to type this.

These days, the Gray Boy spends most his time perfecting a various array of comfortable poses. All suitable for a Sunday afternoon lounging around at home, and yet still battle-ready. Sporting a pair of non-retractable fangs, Garvey struts his stuff along the streets and avenues of Hoboken, New Jersey.

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